mbox file converter for mac

MBOX file converter for Mac OS X

Mail Extractor Pro is an MBOX file converter that is quite exceptional in its job and is used to convert MBOX to Outlook PST. This tool is known to have captured the market by storm due to its impeccable performance and has been consistently in high demand.

mbox file converter

This list of FAQs is devoted to help the users understand the issues or notions that surround an MBOX file converter through Mail Extractor Pro. Read on and get more clarity before employing an MBOX file converter to take up the job of conversion of your precious data files. 

Q. From what sources can this MBOX file converter convert the files?

A. This is an interesting question! Let’s understand this by first getting clarity over MBOX itself. MBOX is a common file archiving format that is used by multiple email applications. However, the end product remains the same in the form of .mbox files. As such, Mail Extractor Pro can handle MBOX files from multiple sources such as Mac mail MBOX, Gmail archive MBOX, Thunderbird MBOX, and the like. Furthermore, this MBOX file converter is designed to extract the data by directly scanning the default directories. This one tool alone can help the users convert their MBOX files from multiple sources.

Q. Is there a manual to operate this MBOX file converter?

A. Mail Extractor Pro is an extremely user-friendly tool that comes with self-explanatory steps to be followed by the user. However, those who feel the need of a user manual can follow the following mentioned instructions to make sure they get the maximum out of this MBOX file converter:

  • Launch the tool and upload the files. This can be done using the auto-load option or the manual-load option as per the user preference.
  • Check the uploaded files for any inconsistencies. The user has an option to check or uncheck the folders.
  • Set the PST file size and move on to convert option. Choose the location for saving the converted files and hit on ‘convert’. The files would start appearing in no time.

Q. Is this MBOX file converter reliable?

A. Reliability factor is a decider in terms of choosing an MBOX file converter. As far as the reliability of Mail Extractor Pro is concerned, it is well covered as it has been created by USL software. USL software is a well-known company in the domain of email converters. All of its products are super safe, entirely bug-free, and hands down great performers.

Q. Can I use this MBOX file converter for converting my contacts and calendars?

A. Mail Extractor Pro can be used to convert every single aspect of the MBOX database. This includes items such as contacts, calendars, attachments, nested messages, Unicode content, etc. This MBOX to PST converter also works its way through to maintain the folder hierarchy structure of the files. Put this tool to work and you would be able to see the exact replicas of the data files in no time.

mbox file conversion

Get it today, if you are looking for best mbox file converter.


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