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OST to PST Converter for Mac & Win

An efficient OST to PST Converter that runs directly runs on Mac is a dream of many users. Well, it is time for some good news for all those users. USL Software has come up with the best OST to PST Converter that directly runs on Mac machines.

OST to PST Converter

OST and PST are both files that are used by your Outlook. Both of them are very essential files to ensure smooth and efficient running of the email client.

Where OST helps with the internal workings of the tool, PST provides support for storage of personal data. OST is also the file responsible for the facility of Outlook that allows you to work in an offline mode.

OST files are the one that saves those changes internally and sync up all the changes to the mail server once the connection with the server gets established. Whereas PST files are used for data exchange and storage of personal data. The problem arises when you have to convert OST files to PST as you cannot directly import data from OST files.

For that you need an OST to PST Converter.

The best OST to PST Converter

USL Software’s OST Extractor Pro is hands down the best OST to PST Converter in the market. The feature packed converter tool is a powerful, precise and professional approach towards email conversion.

It provides some of the best features of the business combined together to form an exceptional conversion solution.

ost to pst converter

Convert Everything With its Exceptional Conversion Accuracy

The conversion accuracy of any OST to PST Converter tool is the backbone of the conversion process. With OST Extractor Pro you get one of the best OST to PST migration accuracy in the business.

The tool runs on very refined and powerful conversion algorithms. They provide the tool with enough power to deal with all kinds of data stored in your input email database files. The tool converts everything right down to the last bit.

It also provides support for formats like Unicode and double byte characters to ensure nothing is left behind.

ost to pst converter for mac

The interface of the tool makes it all very easy

The interface of this OST to PST Converter is a picture of relief. It is a very intelligent and intuitive take over the usual crowded interfaces of converter tools.

ost to pst converter for windows

The interface of the tool is simple, clean and very precise. It only shows what you need. In fact, it even provides you with a step by step guide that helps you convert all your data. Anybody can use the tool easily with the help of this interface. It requires no prior experience or knowledge.

All you need to do is point and click, and in just a few simple steps you’ll have the best conversion process of your life done.

ost to pst

To convert OST to PST, download the free trial of the tool to try out all these features and a lot more.


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