converting eml to pst

If you are struggling while converting EML to PST, then read this!

Most of the users struggle while converting EML files to PST. The reason for it is the use of incompetent/uncertified tools which are full of errors and risks. Users should always go for a certified tool to convert EML to PST. The reason why they should go for a certified tool is that it carries with itself the assurance of data safety and facilitates smooth conversion.

Tool to convert EML to PST

One such certified tool which has been popular amongst people since inception is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software.

Tool to convert eml to pst

Apart from ensuring data safety, this tool ensures to convert email at a lightning fast speed and with precision. Moreover this tool provides users the facility to convert Emails in bulk and provides them log reports after conversion.

Let us look the multiple features of this tool

convert eml to pst

Easy to use

This tool comes with self-explanatory wizards and provides you step by step instructions throughout. With this tool even a beginner would be able to convert PST files like a Pro.

Perfectly converts all email items

Emails contain a lot of information which is essential for users, so that they can understand it properly. This EML to PST convert tool successfully converts all those details while maintain its integrity.

Preserves the folder hierarchy of data

This EML to PST converter tool ensures to preserves the folder hierarchy of data. It does not disturb the structure of data and maps it in exact order into the converted format.

Retains the Unicode content of data

If you are worried about the non-English content of data, then this tool is the perfect choice for you. It preserves the non-English content of data with the same precision as it preserves the English content of data.

Know how to convertĀ  EML files and much more through this tool

Apart from converting EML to PST, this tool lets you convert Email files from multiple formats like MBOX, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox and Outlook Mac to PST.

Get assured about the safety of your data base with this tool

Through this EML to PST converter tool, you would be able to convert your Email files to PST without worrying about the safety and security of your data. As, it protects you data base against risks like data loss, data modification, data corruption, data misuse etc.

Get this EML to PST converter tool to convert emails without any hassle

Get this EML to PST converter Mac to convert email files in a quick and easy way. You will be mesmerized to see how efficiently this tool performs. You can avail all these facilities for free. All you have to do is install the trial version of this tool. Test this tool thoroughly. Once you are satisfied by its performance, you can also upgrade to its full edition at very reasonable prices.

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