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A Certified Offline EML to PST Converter that outclasses Online converter tools

What is the first place you go when you need something? Internet. The Internet is the first thing that every user visit when they need something. Same is the case with EML to PST conversion. The email conversion process is one of the most carried out data migration processes. It requires you to use external help to ensure that you have the perfect conversion process.

This outside help is considered to be best served by third-party eml, mbox and pst converter tools. These are modern software applications that help you overcome the usual obstacles of the conversion process. Since they are backed by modern technology, they produce better results. Well, if you choose the right converter tool.

Shortcomings of Online EML to PST Converters

The fate of your conversion process is directly dependent on the EML to PST converter tool you go for. It is as simple as that. If you think that choosing the easily accessible Online converter tools will be the best choice, then you are going wrong.

Online converter tools may be accessible easily, but they are definitely not the right choice. These tools lack on many different fronts when it comes to converting your data effectively. First of all, they lack the required security standards. You cannot be sure where you are uploading your data and who has access to it. Plus, they even lack the required conversion power to securely and accurately convert your data. Therefore, you end up with an inaccurate, bug ridden conversion process.

Offline Certified EML to PST Converters is the key

Offline Certified EML to PST Converters are the way to go with your conversion process. Certified converter tools provide you a guarantee regarding the security of your data. And since the tool works in an offline environment, there is no issue of data being leaked online.

They also pack the required punch of conversion power. They convert everything present in the input files easily and accurately.  Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the best offline certified tool that is available in the market. The tool is the complete package. The features of the tool help you with all kinds of conversion problems.

offline eml to pst converter

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The feature list of the tool is graced by:

Ignoring Empty Folders:

The working process of the tool is very smart. It can be seen in the way the tool deals with the empty folders during the conversion process. This EML to PST converter converts only the necessary information. This means that the output file produced will be free of the things that are not required.

Split Large PST Files:

The tool easily handles large files during the conversion process. Since large PST files can become a problem for your email client to deal with, this tool allows you to split them according to your liking. As soon as the file exceeds the desired size the tool splits it down.

Log Report:

This EML to PST converter provides you with two log reports. One is precise, the other is detailed. So, now you can keep track of the entire conversion process.

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